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Copeton Dream Monster Murray Cod.

This was my 4th trip to copeton and this time also copeton dam was tricky after the comp. We couldnt find any cod on surface and had to fish where ppl dont fish usually. And I was driving to the next spot, and I found a spot X where my instict said to go…..
and we went into little timberland and started casting.
I knew I was gonna hook up in this area and I remembered I was really concentrating on every wind of Ryoga….. and when she bite the lure I set the hook with one short strike and tried not to fight hard….. but she tried to pull into timber and 5kg drag was didnt really help her stop going to timber. I had to end up thumbing the spool and stopped her couple times, then she went crazy with couple headshakes and tried to cut leader with nasty teeth… This time copeton dam was kind to me and she was in the net half way We had to bring this up with good support she finally hit on the deck
Then I checked the swimbait and realised the hook was strighten and heavy sprit ring was half way opened She couldve got me this time again but luckily not this time…. We took a couple photos and quickly put her back into water and released safely So much effort went into breaking the copeton curse and bringing up the magic meter. I will definitely come back and chase an Australian iconic fish MURRAY COD, KING OF THE FRESHWATER!!!

THANKS for the fishman providing such an amazing rod to cast a mega swimbait all day and night with ease.
Thanks Joe for letting me to christen your new ryoga.
And thanks alex for helping me everything during this trip.

Tackle data
ROD: Fishman Comodo610XH with long grip
REEL: Daiwa Ryoga 1016SH
Line: PE 3
Leader: 66lb

Monster Murray Cod
Rod:BRISTcomodo6.10XH with long grip

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