Beams 7Lを使ったエアオグルのドリフトメソッドでのタマン

time 2016/12/17

こんにちは豪州テスターの龍です。Beams 7Lを使ったエアオグルのドリフトメソッドでのタマン。この魚はリーフの帝王と呼ばれるくらい掛けるのも難しく獲るのも難しい魚。




This time I used a Beams 7L rod to chase some shallow water reef fish.And I used one of my favourite lure North Craft Air Ogre 70s to drift into where the fish holds. When I use this advance technique, I prefer using soft tip to feel the senstive bite and then let the fish to take the lure and strike. These fish are often fight dirty and try to cut line with reef and any other structure. The Beams 7L is very light and soft rod but you will suprise how much power it actually have. When you know how to fish like this you might be able to catch more high pressured fish in your area.

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